Collection: Automotive Primary wire

Explore our collection of automotive primary wire for complicated vehicle projects. Our automotive primary wire selection is designed and manufactured in line with the highest quality standards to meet the requirements of complex auto electrical components.

Our primary wires are built to function in the toughest outdoor conditions so that they perform their best without fail.

  • Heat Resistant: Our primary wires and cables are designed to function in the toughest environments. With advanced quality tests, we ensure that the cables are not damaged by extreme heat or chemical exposure.
  • Quality Materials: With a copper conductor and high-quality PVC insulation, our products are durable and reliable to use for longer periods.
  • Various Gauges: Our collection ranges from 18 to 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) to suit every electrical project's needs.
  • Flexibility: Our wires and cables are designed to suit the complexity of electrical components. They can bend easily without breaking, making them ideal for complex vehicle electrical systems.

Get in touch with the Tools Hq Inc. sales team to discuss the best wire solution for your auto project.